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Christmas pudding

Stir-up Sunday - 24th November 2013


Getting your kitchen set up for the onslaught of Christmas cooking

Stir-up Sunday is the day the Christmas pudding is made. It has been a traditional ceremony for a century or two, and as with so much tradition, it does have a real purpose, in this case it’s to get the family together and pass onto the young ones the art of pudding-making. The main event is the stirring (well, pummeling in fact) of the pudding mix, hence the name.

Let’s quickly clear up one thing - there’s lots of folklore about maturing a pudding, but the 5 weeks before Christmas date of Stir-up Sunday is in fact more than enough.

In the 21st century more than 90 per cent of UK families buy pre-made puddings! So we’re taking it upon ourselves to show you how easy they are to make and to state the obvious that home-made ones are always that much tastier, not to mention satisfying!

So, you’ll find a fruity, recipe on our blog and below, a selection of baking equipment. We’re not talking Christmas presents here; we’re talking Christmas cooking essentials - a properly equipped kitchen. Whether for a Christmas pudding, Christmas cake or cheese soufflé here is a quick selection of our baking equipment:

Kitchen scales
Be sure you’re getting all the right measurements with our elegantly designed and seamlessly functional Kitchen Scale. You’ll find plenty of room for all your cooking ingredients in our large capacity stainless steel bowl, measuring up to 3kg in 20g increments. Complete with a large, easy to read dial, you’ll be able to weigh out the exact amount every time.

No cook can do without one of these ... how many times, like Alfred, have you been distracted and forgotten the cakes! Don’t let this happen again and equip yourself with a stylish timer.

Recipe box
There’s nothing worse than butter-stained scraps of paper all over the kitchen, come Xmas. Keep your recipes safe, ordered and easy to reach for when cooking commences!

Mixing bowls
Everyone has their favourites … mix up your xmas pudding with style and charm in our French inspired mixing bowl set.

Cake Tin
Perfect for your Christmas cake

Happy stirring!

Stir-up Sunday