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Think of Garden Furniture as an investment

Statement garden furniture - Think of it as an investment


‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’ William Morris.

Whatever your budget or size of garden it always makes sense to buy the best quality outdoor furniture you can. The economic argument is simple – top quality furniture will last a lifetime and will become an heirloom. But it has to look good too so here are some tips on how to combine style as well as substance, looks as well as durability. When both elements are right, you’ve got your hands on what’s known as a ‘statement’ piece:
•    Your garden is a natural extension of your home so let’s not pretend that style isn’t important. Unfortunately it’s not always as simple as choosing what immediately appeals to you in the latest magazine, TV show or Italian holiday. Your garden furniture should be compatible with the style of garden and your home in general – and your personality too.
•    Lots of people make the mistake of skimping on the size of their table and the number of chairs, to save money, and then finding that their wonderful, summer alfresco moments are severely limited! That big family moment or best friends’ birthday celebration end up at the local restaurant, indoors and costly, instead of in the gorgeous garden that’s been nurtured all year long.
•    If you’re going for good quality wood, benches and tables in particular, then you should take into consideration its provenance. Reclaimed wood is generally of much higher quality than its new counterpart, and its environmental impact is in the past.
•    And if a rattan finish is your choice, and it’s the fastest growing outdoor furniture material. As it’s a relatively new arrival in the outdoor stakes you really do need to investigate its quality. Like wood, the variation in rattans is considerable. Some will barely last a season, while others will last a lifetime and if it’s statement furniture you’re after, the latter is an absolute must.
•    You can choose your garden furniture, but you can’t choose the weather! There’s nothing worse than the nagging suspicion that your favourite garden furniture is slowly weathering away in front of your eyes. Make sure you ask the right questions before buying and don’t make assumptions. And, if you’ve gone for wood you may well need a tin of good quality wax to keep your furniture looking its finest.

We think William Morris got it about right … even though the phrase ‘statement furniture’ hadn’t been invented back then!
Statement Garden Furniture