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How to Valentine’s Day in the Right Way

How to Valentine’s Day in the Right Way

Now we’re not entirely sure how St. Valentine would feel were he to look at his Saint Day in its 21st century form; deals at chain restaurants, flowers overpriced just for one day and oh so many ‘you just haven’t put enough into this’ arguments. Valentine’s Day, in essence, should be an easygoing evening spent with your special someone in the confines of your own company … an evening on which one should never feel too much pressure to perform, after all you shouldn’t really need a specially assigned day for a bit of romance.

However we do heartily propound the idea of a nice candlelit dinner to celebrate a tradition which, interestingly, first became popularised through Geoffrey Chaucer. It’s a far more intimate affair than going out to an overcrowded restaurant, drinking dubious wine all night and having to sit through the public displays of affection of the particularly young and in love couple on the table next door.

Anyway, we’ve created a list of a few items that can help transform that dinner at home into the most romantic of affairs (Oh, and please, no rose petals leading to the bed just because you’ve seen it on TV):

Cliched yet somehow absolutely necessary. Nothing sets a romantic tone like the glowing candle, flickering as conversation bounces across the table. Why not go one step further with one of our scented candles to really encourage a relaxed atmosphere. Pus if you buy one of our Valentine's day sets get a free candle.


A nice big open fire: Now a candle can only go so far in setting the scene, but what about a calming, atmospheric backdrop of crackling fire, if you’re lucky enough to have fireplace. You’ll be wanting the fire to burn well, so a good supply of kindling logs is vital. Keep them stored in our stylish kindling bucket will make sure that the fire keeps going right to the early hours.


When it comes to these sorts of meals, so much is in the presentation. Our new Tapas Board with 3 pots provides the perfect surface for sharing food … and really taps into the couples’ mindset of Valentine’s Day, you’re in it together. 


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