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Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty - our classic wicker storage seat


It’s a well-known fact that almost no home has enough storage capacity. This crisis is particularly extreme in newly built and renovated homes, as developers strive to maximise every square foot of room space, fuelled by TV shows, estate agents and general hyperbole.

We could write a whole book on storage ideas, it’s a subject that we have done a lot of thinking about, but our focus here is on the classic, freestanding storage bench with baskets because it’s such a versatile stalwart in the war against clutter - a piece of furniture with many hidden qualities.

Shelves and cupboards are generally the first storage ideas that come to mind, whether built-in or freestanding, but we believe that our classic wicker storage seats provide a perfect answer to a whole host of situations. It combines good design, good functionality and good common sense. Crafted from hardwearing and robust wicker it’s finished in a refined Dolphin Grey. Let’s take a look at its attributes … we’re really proud of this product.

•    Solves two practical problems in one piece of furniture - storage as well as seating.
•    It comes in two sizes, two wicker baskets wide, or three.
•    The wicker baskets slide out easily from the front, they help departmentalize different objects and can be filled to the brim.
•    The simple and contemporary design moves easily between any living space.
•    As it’s not built in, you can take it with you when you move home, it’s not a ‘fixture or fitting’.
•    Dolphin Grey is a stylish finish and fits into a whole range of colour schemes.
•    It’s robust and built to last.
•    As a standalone piece of furniture it’s not inexpensive, the small one being £135 and the large one £165  – and best of all, right now we’re offering a 20% discount on both sizes until 14th July 2013!

And, just where are the best places in the home for these nifty storage seats?

Hallway – great for hiding away your shoes, hats and school bags plus perfect for sitting down on to pull off your walking boots.
Living Room–when there are just too many books, DVDs and memorabilia.
Bedroom – a classic look at the end of your bed or under the window for that extra blanket, duvet or your winter wardrobe.
Children’s bedroom or playroom – a lovely, useful alternative to a toy box.
Utility room – hides away a multitude of household items you don’t really want on the worktop, from the iron, dust-pan and brush, cleaning products or even the kitchen sink!
Sitting Pretty