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Domestic Bliss is a Shipshape Pantry


How often have you been cooking Duck in Tarragon (or the like), to find your ever-so clever kitchen storage system that contains every herb and spice know to man is deficient of the vital ingredient? And then a mad dash upturning the contents of multiple cupboards while you panic into a substitute, usually oregano.

Hopefully not that often, but this cautionary tale is designed to remind us that the foundation of an efficient kitchen is a well stocked and well organised store cupboard … or pantry if you’re fortunate enough to have one.

So, here’s a list of suggestions to make sure that the only headless chicken in your kitchen is the one in the oven (sorry).

1.    Glass storage jars play a vital role in an efficient kitchen. Because they’re see-through you’ll quickly be able to distinguish between condiments, spices and herbs far quicker than having to go through the indistinguishable packaging. And if space is tight, square-based ones offer maximum efficiency.

2.    Could this 10 jar compact spice rack fit neatly onto the back of a cupboard door? And if not, add a spoonful of style and a pinch of practicality with it mounted on a wall. It’s a really clever kitchen storage solution (and a great gift).

3.    Try to create specific zones. A baking shelf, a snacking cupboard, a breakfast basket. Even if struggling to find exactly what it is that you need at least you know it’s only a matter of time until you find it as know you’re in the right area!

4.    Allocate a basket or two for packaged food that is getting to the stage where there are only one or two items left in a large box. There’s no point wasting valuable kitchen storage space, so bag up the items up and store them in a rustic, wicker basket.

5.    It’s worth making a list (even if just a mental one) of the foods that are coming up to their sell-by dates, and plan meals around using them to make sure that absolutely nothing goes to waste – or clogs cupboard space.

6.    And finally, if you can, try and place items that are used more frequently in close proximity to the door so that you can quickly nip in and out to grab them.

So, with the traditional spring-cleaning season soon upon us, it’s a good time to re-think your kitchen layout and invest in some key kitchen storage solutions. That way your tarragon will forever be on-hand for that special duck dish and your oregano forever saved exclusively for pizza-sprinkle and slow-cooked lamb.
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