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Late summer outdoor living ideas

Some Late Summer Outdoor Living Ideas


Is your outdoor living area being used to its full potential? Whatever your budget or size of garden, there’s a host of clever design ideas that can transform it into a natural extension of your home, another room… Our view is that your outdoor living area should be given the same attention of design detail to that of any other room in the house.

A garden naturally divides itself into unique areas – a quiet spot for contemplation, an area to grow your own veg, the contained privacy of a potting shed … and a place to eat and entertain friends. Our gardens never stop giving!

Now that we are in the twilight of Summer, with dwindling light and deeper fragrances on the breeze, it’s actually a good time to think through your perfect outdoor living space. So here are few ideas to make the most of a late summer patio …

– 10 years ago the idea of sitting around an outdoor fire in your urban garden would have sounded a bit crazy, but now there are loads of options, from patio heaters and electric heat lamps to braziers and even open wood fires. Our favourite for either a contemporary or urban setting is the kadai, which is both BBQ and what we call a fire bowl AKA a ‘natural’ patio heater! Set on a stand, it’s the perfect height to stare into as the light slowly fades into darkness. But don’t forget to have a blanket or two on standby, to help the evening last even longer.

– The darker evenings are a great opportunity to create atmosphere with lighting, the main trick being to have plenty of it, but nothing too dominant orglaring. Soft candle-light is our favourite, especially those with a subtle fragrance, and glass jar candles holders always look very magical whilst providing wind protection.

– With the colours of Autumn to look forward to and the strong summer colours behind us, this is actually a great time to put some objective thinking into your planters and to treat yourself to a few new plants.For a late summer show, try the combination of an acer with iron planters or an ornamental crab apple in a large wooden planter, an excellent choice for an urban garden.

– Both big and little touches matter in the area of comfort. Have you got the perfect table and chair combination – the right size for your space, the right height ratio between seat and table surface and a design that you feel good about? Benches are a great way to sort out a whole range of seating issues, but don’t forget to cushion the seat. The luxury of a table cloth, the crisp touch of a linen napkin, the practical comfort of a seat pad and the soft, extravagance of a pile of lovely cushions to hand – they are hallmarks of the art of outdoor living.

So, over these next few weeks, seize the moment and enjoy the last of the season’s evening light over bread, wine and good company!
Savour the last of summer