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Pots and Planters for Spring

Spring is all about having fresh, new ideas especially for the garden ... coming out of a freezing, cold winter we’ve all waited long enough for the new buds to burst and look forward to being in the garden again. And what better way to celebrate than being creative with some new pots and planters.


You can transform your patio, window sills, decking or garden with a bit of imagination by combining the right pot, plant and setting. Remember, the right garden planter is for life, not just for Spring - and at Garden Trading we have a wonderful, eclectic range of pots and planters. We have everything you need to de-clutter your garden and transform your space with a collection of planters and containers.

So before you rush headlong to your garden centre for some new plants, step back, do some planning and check out our top 7 tips from local garden designer, Adam Hodge who runs Oxford Botanica, for matching the perfect Garden Trading planters to the perfect plant:



  1. Plan the setting – Indoors, patio, decking or garden? In front of a window or by a door? Think about what you’re trying to achieve in terms of the perfect item to fill the space.
  2. The right style of pot or planter – for a contemporary industrial feel try using a large Galvanised trough planter, the thick metal material is not only durable but also contrasts beautifully when filled with foliage and flowers. Alternatively for a more traditional, classic look, a pair of wooden planters brings a warm and rustic elegance to the garden, patio or front door. A trio of pots on tray can also be very effective when space is short. Create a miniature herb garden in your kitchen or use to display small pot plants on a windowsill.
  3. Sizing of pot and plant – Be brave and go for the biggest your space can allow, our Bassano large Iron Planter filled with a bay tree, olive tree or topiary is an ideal way to add height. 35cm depth is considered a small planter, so keep going up from that size. Although there are theories as to size of plants to pots, these are broken all the time and still look good, so buy what you like and go for it with your planting. Try experimenting with a range of different sized planters; our Pompeii trio of small, medium and large iron planters grouped together can create maximum impact.
  4. Selecting the plant – Consider whether you are planting for the season or for long term. Do you want to have something attractive in the autumn and winter months as well as spring and summer time? Are you after instant colour, vibrant green leaves all year long or decorative hedging? Try mixing spring and mid-season bulbs with perennials that flower for a long time. It’s a time to play with your imagination.
  5. How to plant – Free drainage is important so fill the planter with a coarse-structured compost for two thirds of the pot depth and top up to the brim with a seed/potting compost. You should put a layer of stones in the base, be aware of plants that require soil acidity (eg rhododendrons), buy ‘ericaceous’ compost in this case.
  6. Maintenance –The most important aspect is on-going feeding of your creation. Every time you water you are washing nutrients out so you need to keep sustaining the nutrient level. For the natural-folk a bi-annual top dressing of a handful of dry chicken manure works well, alternatively a regular addition to water of seaweed based liquid feed. 
  7. Cherish – Enjoy your creation for many years to come!



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