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Illuminating the Winter gloom

Illuminating the Winter gloom


Although we are certainly a hardy breed, even us gardeners feel a pang of terror at the impending reality of the clocks going back on October 27th, even we like that extra hour in the morning... However as the darkness that you may noticed not so subtly creeping up on us, makes its major breakthrough on the 27th, it’s a great feeling to know that your garden’s prepared and outdoor lighting solution solved.

Whilst our houses assume a homely feel with their cosy light during the winter, a garden can easily suffer from seeming a chilly and unappealing prospect in the run up till Christmas if it isn’t properly lit. Exterior garden lighting is all about filling spaces, lighting pathways, lending your garden a comforting quality throughout the harsh British winter plus, of course, allowing you do bit of cheeky late night pruning.

Wall lighting, can be a great way create a warming halo effect around your garden if used consistently. Check out our new Galvanised range.

As we always say, never be afraid to get creative, these outdoor hanginglights were made from jam jars and we think they look great. Our hanging teardrop votives create a similar effect. Motion triggered outdoor lighting can also be great for security purposes.

Concealing outdoor lighting behind benches or large flower pots can cast a wonderful shadow across your garden.


If the lights aren’t concealed it’s important they’re good looking. Thus they’re helping out the garden not just in darkness but also during the day! This is our Belvedere Light in Clay right here which works equally well as porch lighting.



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