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Move Indoors for Winter

Time to Move Indoors for Winter


Now that long evenings sitting out in the garden sipping on G&T’s have well and truly come to an end, there’s no reason that the fun we’ve all had outdoors during the summer can’t be transferred indoors as winter really starts setting in. Using a combination of floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lights can really make a difference, it can provide the backdrop to evenings to rival the revelries of the summer and you’ll soon have everyone coming round for that after work drink that seemed so appealing in August all over again.
Ambience is everything, with a few small touches it can transform a space and set the tone of a room.

This adjustable Double Paris Ceiling Light provides ambient to task lighting with a simple butterfly screw, it can have a transforming effect on any room in the house but work especially well in the kitchen or dinning room if you have the space for such a statement, it can brighten the room and provide a focal point.

Floor lights are a great addition to any room and work especially well in the corners. An additional freestanding floor lamp can change the overall mood of the room and create alternative atmosphere within your home, especially for when the nights draw in.This White Porcelain Shoreditch lamp can look suave in any setting but importantly, its design is subtle and unassuming and will help aesthetic emphasis fall on the rest of the room. 



Our Reclaimed Elm Table Light provides task lighting and can lend an understated rusticity to any interior and its oval shade is designed to be compact without compromising its impact. Being so versatile it works equally well in either modern or traditional living spaces and really can (cliché alert) be the difference between making a house a home. 


Don't forget your energy saving light bulb too.

Move Indoors for Winter