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The Perfect Picnic

The Perfect Picnic


They might be few and far between but there is something truly special about a great British summer’s day. There is a certain quality about the garden and hedgerow scents, the stillness in the air and the late-night light that makes them worth treasuring – especially if you’re out there having a picnic.

However, it’s all very well feeling spontaneous, but without the right range of practical accouterments and accessories, the best intentions seem to disappear into another wasted opportunity.
So, here we have a very novel, but simple and practical, suggestion about how to make the most of each and every sunny day, picnic style – and another tip on how to make any dull day brighter.
Firstly, when considering your garden dining set-up, think about choosing key items that can easily be thrown into the car and transported to your perfect location – which might even be in a part of the garden you don’t normally enjoy!

•    A blanket on the ground is very traditional but actually our folding bistro table and chairs, illuminated by tea-lights, in the perfect setting,transforms an informal picnic into avery special event.

•    Fire up the portable BBQ that you’ve just whipped out of the garden shed and sizzle up this summer’s in-dish of marinated wild fish, or grass-fed, free range steaks, and you’ll be almost at perfection … just add champagne and strawberries for dessert! And if your picnic is going to flow late into the night, take along some lanterns and find creative places to hang them, like bushes and trees … they add a magical, romantic glow.

•    Other easily portable items that will zest up any alfresco occasion include deck chairs, which no British garden is complete without, especially if it ‘rocks’ in more ways than one. Stools are useful, sturdy and can fold away to nothing. And you should definitely check out our portable kadai also known as a fire bowl, it’s the cool looking open fire that you can take with you anywhere!

Lastly, if you make sure all these items are on the brighter end of the colour scale they will add some optimism to any dull day simply as your main garden furniture.We’ve really put some colourful thought into our product range and this summer’s trend of mixing stripes with historic paints, look perfect with a backdrop of vibrant garden flowers.

We’re looking forward to the sun shining!


Making the most of a great British summer’s day