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Kitchen Lighting

Shades of Paris – instant kitchen style with our range of fluted glass shades.


All too often the kitchen is left behind when it comes to stylish lighting … too much function, not enough form. Don’t get us wrong, a kitchen needs task lighting, but there should also be room for some style and fun, let’s call it an amuse-bouche! So we’ve taken one of our top selling ranges, our French inspired Paris collection, and describe how each one brings style and pizzazz into a kitchen. With a hint of vintage, the fluted glass shades introduce a certain chic that’s not easy to find in an indoor lighting range.

1. The kitchen table hero - Double Paris Light

This classic French café style double pendant is a wonderful, stylish statement piece. With two matching lamps made large by a nickel-coated frame, it’s a perfect kitchen ceiling light for a centerpiece over your table or even your island worktop.

2. Bigger is sometimes better - Grand Paris Light

Although completely different in look and feel to the Double Paris, the Grand Paris is very much an alternative, great over a dining area, but also a great solution for large areas and high ceilings. Elegant, stylish and a lot of presence. And for a more flexible twist, check out its cousin, the Rise and Fall Paris.

3. Simplicity and charm – Petit Paris Light

Smaller lights often suffer from a lack of style, but this Petit Paris Light, has an elegance that is often hard to inject into a kitchen space. Perfect for smaller kitchens and areas that need some definition. Voila!

4. Five times the cool - Paris Cluster Light

This cluster of 5 small glass shades is highly contemporary, individual and exciting. With 5 adjustable cables its versatility makes it a perfect fit for anywhere in the kitchen! Be brave, bon chance!
Kitchen Lighting