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5 reasons to buy natural wood

5 reasons why natural wood will never go out of fashion:


Wood has been the mainstay of furniture production from the earliest days of man and its purpose and qualities have been admired by every civilization that has gone before. Poetry, literature and art have always been filled with references to the beauty of man’s most natural resource … and now, its virtues are constantly central to popular culture, from Conran to Kirsty.

Equally, in the C 21st we are all starting to become more aware of how our purchases affect the environment, so this feature is about how to appreciate the natural beauty and other qualities of raw wood furniture and why you should always buy the best wood you can afford, all in the context of sustainability.

Timeless – Well made, natural wood furniture will simply never go out of fashion and indeed will become an heirloom. The secret is to make sure you buy what in the trade we call a ‘statement piece’ ie a piece of furniture that is well made, well designed and well sourced. A statement piece doesn’t always have to be a major, expensive item of furniture, it could be as simple as a book shelf or a classic towel rail.

Natural beauty
– There is nothing manmade that can improve on the natural patterns, texture, tones and beauty of wood. The grain, the craftsmanship, its natural ageing and its warmth, they all contribute towards a sense of balance and calm. Raw wood (untreated) develops a beautiful silvery-gray patina over time and observing the natural color change is a valuable part of your connection with nature, and the furniture.

Versatility– A wood finish allows you to bring natural elements inside your home, an indispensable design tool when it comes to harmonising any style of home, modern or traditional, town or country. Raw wood, always contrast so well with everything from white cabinets and modern stainless steel appliances to vintage and collectible objects to antiques and rugs. It always works.

Durability– There is simply nothing like a well made piece of wooden furniture for resilience and a feeling of permanency. Good wood, unlike many man-made materials, is resistant to household heat, frost, corrosion and pollution. In short, if treated with respect, it lasts forever.

Sustainability -Wood is a privilege to enjoy, so the least we can do is use it responsibility and wisely. Global wood consumption has tripled in the last 100 years and is set to continue even more rapidly. Using natural materials that are renewable and sustainably harvested will insure that less toxic chemicals and indoor air pollutants enter your home. We know from our customers experience that knowing that the wood you’ve just invested in is from a sustainable source, or recycled, adds a rich, emotional dimension to ownership, whether it’s a table, bench, shelf ladder, console table or a simple stool – they are a privilege to enjoy. And provenance matters.

We are proud to have invested many years of work into developing a collection of furniture constructed in sustainable raw oak, statement pieces that not only allow you to invest in beautiful heirlooms, but in the knowledge that your choice encompasses ecologocial, economic and social responsibility.


For the Love of Wood