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Promethean pleasures around the crackling fire

Promethean pleasures around the crackling fire


Human use of fire for warmth and protection dates back hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of years. While now we don’t quite have to worry so much about a nearby sabre-toothed tiger and marauding wooly mammoths, there’s still nothing better than huddling around a fireplace on a cold winter’s evening as its crackling provides a calming backdrop to the evening’s conversation or telly watching.

Fireplaces themselves are an absolutely integral part of the decor of any room lucky enough to be blessed by one and with the right design, care and fireside accessories they can really turn a sitting room from an unattractive prospect during the winter months to the hub of a home’s socialising. We’ve compiled a list of our products which we think can turn your fireplace into a real centerpiece.

Woodburner set These include a poker, gauntlet gloves an ash shovel and brush to make sure you’ve got all the bases covered when that fire and the mess it can make under control. They’re made from authentic wrought iron which not only makes them look traditional and stylish, but means they’ll last for decades to come. 

Ash Bucket in Slate: Save the chore of removing the ash at the end of every fire by tidying it up in this handy Ash Bucket. It comes with a lid to make sure that none of the pesky stuff gets itself around the house and keeps it out of sight. Due to the fact that it says exactly what it does on the side, there’s no chance guests will go wrong as well in case they decide to take duty upon themselves.

Giant Log Basket: It’s cold, very cold, we know that. So why take unnecessary trips outside to collect logs when you can store them in our stylish Log Basket made in Rattan. Has been known to double as a toy basket too. 

Coal Bucket in Charcoal: It does make firemaking a wholly pleasurable pastime when you know exactly where everything is and don’t keep having to run outside to get it. 

Match Box in Charcoal: Within the confines of a stylishly designed fireplace, garishly designed matchboxes can stick out like the Easter bunny at Christmas. Solve the problem with our oh-so wonderfully demure charcoal Matches Box

And as you ready for the festive season, don’t forget that each one of these fireside accessories makes for a wonderful gift for any home with a roaring hearth! 


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