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Father’s Day Gifting

Dear Garden Trading … Father’s Day gifting Q & A


So, what type of Dad do you have? Finding the right present for Father’s Day on the High Street isn’t too hard if you’re going down the chocolate, tie or DIY route, but if you’re going to the bother of buying a gift, why not put a bit of thought behind it and match the present to his personality?

Q: My father is what I’d call a bit of a ‘modern’ Dad,he’s into cooking, coffee culture and organic food? What gift will make him happy (and I don’t want to spend a fortune)?

A: Sounds to me like your answer is to take him a lovely cooked breakfast consisting of free range eggs, farm bacon and toasted sourdough - with coffee served in the brand new coffee pot you’ve bought him as his Father’s Day gift. Coffee culture is slowly moving from the High Street and into the home.

Q: My father’s favourite pastime is pottering around the garden using his potting shed as HQ. He keeps it immaculate, and I’d like to find something that he could use in or around his potting shed.

A: This is an easy one! Potting sheds are the nerve centre of any garden so almost anything garden related goes … however, as he’s a bit of perfectionist, my suggestions are items that are well designed, look good and practical. Depending on how much you want to spend, here are some ideas;

Potting table –A real must for any potting shed Dads, makes the task of sowing seeds and potting so much easier.
Watering can – I’m sure he already has one but wouldn’t it be nice to replace it with this season’s coloured metal one!
Seed Boxes – Perfect for keeping seed packets dry, tidy and in order.
String Dispensers – Keeps string free of knots and looks good too.
Wooden Trug – A very practical potting shed item, very useful for keeping small gardening tools in one place when you’re out doing your stuff.

Q: Ever since I can remember my Dad has always been obsessed with the weather because he loves BBQing. He won’t buy a smartphone and is always calling me to ask me to look on my weather app! Help!

A: Well, you’ve slightly played into our hands, here. The answer is a classic barometer and thermometer set, designed for outdoors and for keeping one-step ahead of the British weather and provides an accurate record of temperature and pressure throughout the day. And because you mentioned he likes BBQing this quirky BBQ sign could add a bit of outdoor decoration to his garden.

Q: My father is about to embark on a revamp of our patio and I’d like to give him something for Father’s Day that would work well for this project of his. Any thoughts, but not furniture as he already has this?

A: One of the crucial elements of designing a patio is lighting, it allows you to frame the different areas and accent your favourite spaces at night – so, if you start him off with one main outdoor light it will actually give him a focus to work around. What about anew, vintage light, for the main wall of the patio,it can transform the overall look and feel. A very thoughtful gift.

Father's Day gifting