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The importance of a welcome facade

The importance of a welcome facade


With October imminent, it’s finally time to admit that Autumn has finally begun to sink its claws into the belter of the British summer of 2013 (I think on balance it’s fair to claim a ‘belter’).

With the darker nights closing in fast, it’s absolutely integral to make a house seem as inviting as possible, and not simply for guests but on a personal level too … to make your house seem that bit more appealing after that long drive home from work in the gloom of an Autumn evening.

We know from years of customer feedback that well chosen exterior porch lighting can be the defining step in making your house ‘home sweet home’. So, right now is the moment to step outside in the dark and take stock of the front of your house, to see whether there are any improvements, tweaks or even wholesale changes to be made.

Here is some inspirational tips to get the look:

Picture 1: With a porch that has steps leading up to it, good, strong outside lighting is an absolute must. A pair of belevdere lanterns will not only light up the door and porch, but cast a light over the steps, making home just that bit more appealing.











Picture 2: The single exterior porch light above the porch can be especially welcoming. If you want to be poetic about it, it’s the porch version of a lighthouse beacon welcoming lost ships home. With all its different colour ways, the belfast light is our best seller for this job.









Picture 3: In uniform urban environments, porch lights can really distinguish your house in the monotony. The impact of a pair of exterior porch lights creates a very different effect to a single, central light above the door – Downton Lights combine traditional with contemporary, and will do this job with aplomb.








And finally… just in case you haven’t got the message, here’s our whole range of best selling outside porch lighting, which we’re very proud of.  We hope you’ll agree. A wide range of exterior lights for every home, from magnificent mansion to cool condominium.
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