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An eye for desgin

‘Woof Woof – I have an eye for design too’


This post comes from the latest addition to our writing team, Paddy, a rather opinionated black labrador.

Do you know what, late January just isn’t the time of year to be canine. The Christmas leftovers they kept on giving me have finally dried up, my favourite river’s only gone and flooded and no one seems quite as keen to go out and play since the frost has started appearing. At least you humans have still got all those Christmas gifts to keep you going, I mean I know you tied a lovely ribbon around a bone for me but that wasn’t quite a new Xbox was it now? I think I can safely speak for all of my doggy pals in saying that we all get a bit jealous sometimes of the fun you all get up to so why not treat us to a real present over the next few weeks? It won’t stop us shedding hair all over the house but we promise you’ll get the priceless reward of a vigorously wagging tail, and what more could you ask for? Here’s a little wish list of a few things I’ve had my eye on for a while.

Look at this! This lovely, large Dog Bed comes in a particularly stylish Rattan design. Not only will I look great on it (the most important thing of course) but it will definitely sit quite nicely alongside your human furniture. The wipe-down, foam-filled cushion looks exquisitely comfortable as well, but don’t get any ideas...

You know when I get a bit carried away when you give me some food and I start pushing my bowl around the room? So why don’t you get me a new dog bowl with a rubber base to stop that from happening? I really do love the look of this flint pet bowl, and it’s also deep enough to stop me spilling over the sides. Win-win, as you humans say.

It’s not just you humans who like eating healthily, the same benefits apply to me too and I like to take care of myself when it comes to food. These organic Lily’s Kitchen biscuits are full of healthy ingredients including fresh apples and mature organic cheddar and are part of a range that comes highly recommended from all of my doggy pals. There is even crunchy nibbles cat food for my sister Molly.

And one last thing that will have probably never occurred to you. Us canines are just as attuned to nature’s pleasures as you are, and having the garden full of contented birds keeps me happy for hours on end. So if you want to give me a gift in the true sense of the word, please fill up the garden with bird feeders and at least one bird house, there can never be too many. And don’t forget the food!

Right, now it’s time to go and look pleadingly into your eyes until I’ve seen you order that pet bed ...

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