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A tidy house is a tidy mind … 3 top-tips to cut the clutter


Although that lingering bulge in your stomach might not let you forget it for a while, it’s finally time to admit that the festive period is well and truly over. The twelve days have been and gone and turkey breakfasts are finally off the menu, so it’s time to get on top of the seasonal clutter that’s been building up over the last few weeks.

Sounds like we need to and embark on a mini-Spring Clean … and because it’s post-Christmas, we’ll need some extra clever storage solutions to help cut the clutter. The secret to getting your home organised is to be be prepared, so here are a few top-tips to help you on your way.

1. What to do with the decorations: Decorations need to stay together, and a simple storage solution is to use one of our individual Fruit Boxes. The fruity description is simply to evoke the touch of rural charm they bring to your home, the reality is that they are possibly the most versatile storage unit you’ll find, especially for the price.

Note: Even if they’re only ‘temporary’ decorations always recycle if you can. Not only are there the obvious environmental benefits there you’ll also save on money and perhaps most importantly, stress come next year.

2. How to absorb all those presents: The pangs of human conscience forbid us from throwing away the swathes of unwanted gifts that all too often come our way. And as most of us aren’t able to live by the ‘one-in, one-out’ principle, the answer is to dedicate a single storage unit to items that you aren’t completely sure about, and not just your festive gifts. Once isolated, decisions become much easier, and our favourite for this essential element of household storage is our Chunky Storage Unit. Carefully crafted from Spruce, its durable qualities seem to suit the tough challenge of managing clutter.

3. How to get more out of a tidy up: When you’re on a bit of a roll with the clean up why not use it as springboard for greater things. As you peer into dark corners you’ll start to see opportunities everywhere to help make the home organised. With some imagination you’ll find endless places for simple storage solutions; under beds, in corners and on top of wardrobes are great places for baskets and boxes; if an item of furniture provides neither comfort, looks or storage, switch it for one that combines all three, such as our ever-popular 2 or 3-seater Storage Seat; and even filling up the house with a range of stylish buckets and bins will do wonders for general clutter management. Our motto is, ‘if it’s out of sight it’s no longer clutter’.

Anyway, good luck, and given the fact that 57 percent of people believe that a disorderly house is a cause of stress, a tidy house really is a tidy mind.
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