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First Impressions count. Time for a porch makeover?

Our easy lighting tips for updating a porch


As they say, first impressions last, so as a homeowner, it’s important for the façade of your house to look great, day and night, 365 days a year. So the question is, does your porch lighting create a good impression on your friends, guests and passersby? Is its‘street-appeal’ up to scratch, and does it make you feel good too?

The great thing about giving your porch a makeover is that the effort you put in is highly disproportionate to the outcome. Whether enclosed or open fronted, a little bit of imagination on a small budget goes a long way. It’s a small space but it has a big impact per square foot than just about anywhere else in your house.

Lighting is probably the single most important detail for a porch, so we’ve produced a guide to porch lighting, below.

A guide to lighting a porch

In the same way a few well-placed lamps can revitalise a room, the same applies to the front of your house. A well-lit porch is not only welcoming, it defines the after dark atmosphere for the whole façade of your house and even contributes towards making the neigbourhood feel more friendly.

1.    Decide on lighting type.Generally a porch is lit by one dominant light set above the door into the house. It is essential that this looks good, suits the style of your house and reflects your taste. But do look for additional opportunities for lighting, a single light is rarely enough. Another classic look is a pair of matching lights either side of the door.
2.    Weather-resistant, or not? If your porch is outside, or you’re placing lights either side of your porch, then you’ll definitely need an outdoor quality fitting. However, don’t be put off using an outside lighting inside, as most of the classically designed porch lights are designed for the rigours of outside life, such as our Barn Light in powder-coated steel.
3.    What bulbs to choose?For a porch, we recommend choosing a long-life bulb that gives off a crisp white light and that consumes a minimum of energy, for environmental and economy reasons.
4.    Motion sensor, or not? The best thing about motion sensors is that in addition to them being very practical, they offer a sense of added security for many homeowners. We do think they are worth the extra effort and cost. They're sometimes activated by small animals, but that’s actually rather nice sometimes.
5.    And what’s trending.. As a major designer, supplier and retailer of lighting solutions we can report that the best selling porch lights over the last 12 months are the industrial and vintage style with powder coated finishes in clay and coffee bean.
A guide to lighting a porch