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All your fireside essentials, from fire screens to log baskets, kindling buckets and coal skuttles, ash buckets and shovels, pokers, grabbers and gloves. Create your cosy fire in style.

This beautifully handmade Southwold Log Basket can house an abundance of logs and comes with a handy match box pocket
The Aldsworth Log Box with stencilled graphic stores your logs in a functional and stylish way
Was £175.00 
These Log Grabbers are an ideal item to move the logs for a hearty fire
Fire dog tool set including our brand new coal tongs all in Cast Iron
Was £84.00 
Classic wrought iron fire dogs sold as a pair for your own tool stand.
Was £40.00 
The Fire Fork is crafted in wrought iron great for prodding the logs into place
Was £14.00 
This Folding Firescreen is crafted in wrought iron and is ideal to wrap around the hearth
Was £225.00 
This polished galvanised Fire Skuttle adds a touch of modernism to your home décor
Was £18.00