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Spring Cleaning 101

17 April 2014

Call us sad, but there are few things in life that put a spring in our step like the gleaming beauty of a newly-cleaned home. After the lull of winter, Spring cleaning, the ultimate clean, is a vital time for you to push the domestic reset button, to get the place sparkling again. To help you along with this year’s assault on all things messy we’ve assembled a Seven Step Spring Cleaning Plan to ensure that you’re absolutely ready to welcome to the beautiful weather with a beautiful house.

1. Conceal the Clutter - It may seem so obvious but so often household debris can lie around for so long that it becomes integrated into the very decor of the house. Old magazines, that pair of trainers by the door that no one uses, every house has its culprits. Hide them! Our Joules storage boxes come in some funky colours and are made of robust powder-coated steel to make sure that all of your items are safe inside.

2. Wash up, down, left, right - So often the washing up can be a ‘just get it over’ with kind of job. Not with Spring Cleaning 101 it isn’t! Scourers at the ready to make sure that crockery, cutlery and utensils alike are all sparkling by the end. You’ll feel great about getting that piece grime off the frying pan that’s been there for months and it’ll set a great example for the rest of the year. This Mason’s Wash Up Jar will make the process seem that bit more quaint and traditional when you’re not reaching for the bottle of washing up liquid. 

3. Scrub-a-dub-dub and then scrub some more! - It’s not just the cutlery that needs a scrubbing but the house in general. Our versatile, robust cleaning brush  is a great multi-taking tool, whether it be swabbing the decks or getting the oven back to its sparkling best.

4. Under the Sink - Think of the area under your sink as the central government of your house, if it isn’t organised then the rest of the house has no chance. Make sure that washing up liquid, soap, sprays and sponges are well organised and that you’ve got a plentiful supply to last you for the next few months at least. Our Washing Up Tablet Box and our Washing Up Tidy will make sink life far more organised and indeed, better looking. 

5. Pre-emptive Thinking - Now the Spring Clean’s great in terms of a short term blitz but it’s vitally  important that you transfer some factors of the clean into long term gains every year. For example, getting a new laundry basket that will help organise your dirty clothes could be a spring addition that continues to have an effect all year round. 





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