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Our New Pet Care Range

22 June 2016

New Pet Care Range at Garden Trading

At Garden Trading, we sometimes get a visit from Douglas, who holds the very senior position of Founder’s Pet. Much like Garden Trading, Douglas is a fan of a simpler way of living. He does not rely on regular grooming, preferring his own effortless shaggy style. When you have puppy dog eyes like his, you don’t need much in the way of bells and whistles!


A Lucas Terrier puppy, he has already brought a great deal of expertise to the company in his first year, lending his opinion and approval to our new Pet Care range, as well as very charitably agreeing to star in some of our catalogue shoots as soon as he spotted food going into the bowls!


We’ve introduced plenty of great new items and styles to cater for the fluffier members of the family. Our stylish and sturdy Granite Pet Bowls prove difficult for even the most determined of animals to flip, which is handy when you have someone with Douglas’ enthusiasm tucking into their dinner. We’ve brought in a two handled Charcoal Bowl in two sizes, updated our existing Pet Bin design with a Charcoal finish and smart galvanised steel scoop, and even introduced a completely new colour for our Feed Me Bins and Eat Up Bowls. Nutmeg is a very light soft brown that complements the leather accents on these bins for a truly classy effect. With plenty of sizes to choose from, our bins will have dinner sorted for all pets, from Great Danes to Rabbits, and just as well for storing bedding as they do for food.


On top of these, our new Slate Sign offers a helping hand at feeding time. This reversible decorative touch lets you know whether your pets have already been fed or not, making sure that no one goes without dinner, but also helps you resist those powerful puppy dog eyes when sneaky pets try to negotiate second helpings.


There’s also a fun new Cornbury Treat Jar, based on the design of our popular Cornbury Votives. With a fun bone-shaped slate tag to let you know that these are not your biscuits, they are still smart enough to leave on the kitchen counter. While he is an intelligent little character, Douglas still has a bit of a mischievous puppy side, but when he makes a special effort not to run merrily across a field in the rain when out for a walk, he appreciates a treat.


Practical, classic, and with some fun elements thrown in, we’re sure your pets will be just as taken with our collection as Douglas was!


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