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Industrial Kitchen

05 July 2016

Industrial Kitchen Inspiration at Garden TradingAn update that looks gorgeous in any season, adding industrial elements to your kitchen is a change that creates an on-trend space with plenty of character. Drawing inspiration from heavy machinery, and the look and feel of factories, creating an industrial look is a great way to bring historic style and charm to your space without restricting yourself to a purely rural aesthetic.

The secret to creating this look is clean lines, a touch of distressed style, and lots and lots of metal! Shiny surfaces, piping and iron all contribute to a mechanical aesthetic that will revitalise any size space. The key rules are to play with textures, to embrace a bit of upmarket grunge inspiration, and avoid clutter, letting your accents play against their surroundings.

Lighting is an easy way to introduce industrial elements to a space. Our Cadogan Lights use clean dark lines and wide glass panels to create an effect reminiscent of well-looked after factory windows, and they look absolutely fantastic when paired with vintage-style squirrel bulbs for a retro effect. Another range that works well with this look are our St Ives and Chatham Lighting collection. Designed for outdoor use, both draw upon nautical inspirations to create an effect that looks just as striking inside the home. They are designed with immense and powerful ships in mind rather than beaches, which makes them an ideal way to bring new ideas into a space while keeping to your industrial theme. Using glass, aluminium and zinc casing, and galvanised steel to contribute to a look that is sharp but classic, they stand out beautifully against any texture wall, from clean paint to artfully distressed tiles, to exposed brick.

Our Chilson Table is the perfect centrepiece for an Industrial-style kitchen. Crafted in concrete, it evokes the cool, smooth look of a factory floor but with a luxurious feel. Smooth and simple, the clean lines are enhanced by the benches and stools; it’s almost like having a work bench to sit on, but far more comfortable! 

Complete the effect by adding varied metal textures about your space. Our Vintage Draining Rack uses distressed painted metal to lend an edge to its practical two-tier design, or you could dot a few Galvanised Herb Pots about for a well-polished touch that also introduces a fresh, green, living touch to the space. You could turn a fluted Vence Window Box into a dramatic table planter, or use our Farringdon Wirework Wall Unit to keep the clutter contained. The overall effect is a striking makeover that creates a thoroughly modern aesthetic while preserving simple, practical principles of design.

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Middle Image: Credit to Kate McPhee


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