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Heatwave Survival Guide: Our Top 5 Tips for Embracing the Heat

04 July 2018


Who’d have guessed it? Such beautiful sunshine bestowed upon our British Isles. And for quite so long! Now, whilst there are real considerations about safety during the heatwave, it is rather nice to be able to enjoy this lovely treat.

Being as unaccustomed to warm weather as we Brits are, we’ve put together our own Garden Trading heatwave survival guide to help us all suffer through the challenges of experiencing, well, Summer.

That way, when the rain inevitably returns we can fully embrace it, knowing that, for once, we have well and truly made the most of it.

1. Stay Hydrated

Fruity cocktail drinks on small outdoor drinks table

It goes without saying, water is vital to enjoying the heat safety. But when the evening cools a little to a blissfully warm temperature, hydration may come in different forms. Try this refreshing cocktail recipe from thesimplethings.com with friends after work. The perfect little tipple to keep you refreshed.

60g Blueberries
80ml Vodka + 2 tbsps
Juice of 1 Lime
60ml Raspberry Cordial
500ml Lemonade
Ice + Sliced Lime 

2. Keeping it Cool

Parasol open over outdoor sofa on the patio

We’ll admit, staying out in the Midday sunshine is probably a no-no. Mad dogs and Englishmen and all that. However, get yourself situated under the shade of a tree or parasol with refreshment close to hand and you need never move. Ahh this is the life. 

Bonus tip for parents: For (at least) 10 minutes of peace and quiet, hang old sheets over the washing line, low slung branches or between two garden chairs and provide highly-valued drinks and snacks. Kids will be safely entertained in their cool new den and you can sit back and relax. We call that a win-win.

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3. Take It Easy

Crop of sofa set with drink and book beside it

You do not, under any circumstances, want to be running round in all this heat. Leave the busyness for the bees and grab a book, maybe an ice-cream (or two) and put your feet up. Work. Cleaning. Cooking. In fact all of life’s chores can wait a while. You make sure not to exert yourself too much. In fact, better have a little lie-down, just to be on the safe side.

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4. Eat Little, But Often

Sharing board laid with figs and napkins

It’s far too warm for large plates of food and heavy meals. However, you’ll still need to keep your strength up for that game of Swingball later. Eat the Mediterranean way with cold cuts of meat, cheese and salads. Create simple boards of nibbles that look striking but take very little effort to put together, leaving you more time to do what everyone wants to do in this heat – absolutely nothing. And eating small amounts often means more excuses to be sociable, sharing is caring after all.

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5. Soak it Up

BBQ with fish grilling on it at the beach

Remember all that snow? How about the seemingly never-ending rain? All those times we have been stuck inside or made it out only to quickly head back indoors cold and fed up. Now is the time to live in the moment and head outdoors. Pack up a BBQ and picnic basket and head to the beach. Relax in the garden. Invite friends round. The best way to survive a heatwave is to embrace it. Bask in the morning sun that streams through your windows and pretend that we’ll always live carefree and happy in the sunshine.

Which we will. Until next week probably.


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