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Go Green Week

10 February 2014

We’re currently a couple of days in Go Green Week 2014 and with the weather quite as apocalyptic as it is and the Met Office having directly stated that climate change has been a major factor in Britain’s flooding problems, it’s never been more obvious that it’s time to take individual responsibility.

Get Composting: Garden compost directly effects the environment in that it reduces the amount of waste that ends up at landfill sites but, of course, it can also add valuable nutrients to your soil. Think egg shells for calcium, vacuum fluff, ground coffee, get creative. Here’s our stylish indoor 10L Compost Bucket in Clay so you don’t keep having to make the trip outside.

Plant a tree or two: Of course the effects of deforestation have been such that it’s now almost irrevocable but why not do what you can and plant a couple. Winter’s the perfect time to get them into the ground and you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing them rise over the years.

Sustainable Living: Make a conscious effort to avoid buying too much food to make sure that you’re not throwing a whole load away at the end of every week. Don’t let your eyes get too big for your stomach and try and buy food that doesn’t come in ridiculously superfluous  packaging.

Transport: We know the weather’s not particularly nice outside but that’s no excuse to take the car to the newsagents when a waterproof jacket will keep you just as dry.



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