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Top Tips for a Springtime Garden Makeover

07 June 2018

It’s been a long, dark winter, so now that some sun has finally arrived it seems like the perfect time for a garden makeover to help our outdoor living spaces regain their former glory. Indeed with the right finishing touches, the garden is the ideal place to take some time, hit the pause button and just, breathe.

Here are our top 5 tips for getting started:

1. Find Your Inspiration

Large rectangular planters filled with bright greenery and fragrant lavender

First things first — don’t panic. Thinking of what to do with your outdoor space can feel a little overwhelming to begin with. However, with country and flower shows popping up everywhere this time of year, there will be plenty of ideas for adding colour and fragrance to bring your garden back to life. 

Create a garden makeover Pinterest board to track all the different plants, flowers and containers you come across as well as any accessories you might like. It will give you a good idea of what it could look like altogether: perfect if there is a particular theme or look you are aiming for. 

2. Keep It Clean 

Large storage box for keeping tools and equipment tidy in the garden

We know, it’s the least fun part of the process but giving your garden a good clear out allows you to take stock of what’s survived the cold weather, what needs replacing and what space you have to create those new looks you’re working on. Use a storage container like the Northcote Storage Box to hide any gardening tools, kids’ toys or footwear so that nothing gets in the way of creating your zen-like haven.

3. Let’s Get Together 

Elegant and classic yet comfortable and stylish outdoor corner sofa set in all weather rattan

We’re hoping the sun stays for the whole summer, and if it does we’ll be inviting all our friends and family round to make the very most of it. Create a beautiful al-fresco dining room by setting up a clearly defined area for dining and entertaining and use feature lighting to frame it. Make sure everyone’s comfortable by having seating like a large corner set sofa they’ll want to sink into and your early evening dinner will stretch on far into the blissful, summer’s eve.

4. Fire It Up 

Logs gently burning in a fire pit next to a lake at sundown

Whilst we can close our eyes and dream that we are in the Mediterranean, under a starry midnight sky, enveloped in its balmy night air (got a little too dreamy there) the truth of the matter is, once the sun goes down, so does the temperature. But that’s ok, all it means is a little preparation goes a long way. To really make the most of as much time in your garden as you possibly can, a fire pit like the Idbury will keep the crowds happy and the cold at bay. With a little supervision it also makes for a fantastic marshmallow toaster, which is sure to be a winner. What s’more could you ask for?

5. Finishing Touches 

Tall vase hand-blown from recycled glass with a distintive rolled neck created by hand

This is where the magic happens. All your hard work begins to pay off as you add the little flourishes here and there to fill in the gaps and really create something special. 

Mix and matching vases create stunning centrepieces. Don’t be afraid to use odd numbers, differing heights, single and multiple stems and textures like recycled glass. You’re limited only by what you can imagine because in this case imperfect is perfect and with some scattered tea-lights added in you’ll have the Sophisticated Rustic trend nailed. Having fun with your ideas means you'll enjoy bringing your garden to life again. 

With a little bit of planning and creativity your garden can become much more than just an outdoor space. A meditation space. A library. A living room. Or an outdoor office. It’s anything you can imagine and create. 

Now, did we say 5 steps? There’s actually one more secret step we’ll keep just between us. It consists of 2 parts Gin, 3 parts tonic, a couple of ice cubes and a slender slice of lemon. Well, you’ve made something really quite beautiful, you may as well enjoy it properly.


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