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Create Your Own Terrarium

10 March 2015

We love this new trend of Terrariums, which not only look super stylish but are incredibly easy to make. Plus, they take very little ongoing maintenance – an added bonus for those of us who consistently forget to tend to plants and end up with a pot of twigs before we know what has happened!

They’re great for welcoming Spring indoors by adding some colour to your home; I’ve had mine sitting as a centrepiece on my table and have since received a multitude of impressed comments from visiting friends. Not only that, but they last far longer than a bunch of flowers and don’t drop petals all over the table.

A Terrarium makes a perfectly unique gift for Mother’s Day, and can be a great green-fingered project for all the family to participate in over the Easter holidays as you can put almost anything in them.

I made three different versions, the first contained an Inca Orchid (Odontoglossum) which has a long slim leaf, ideal for fitting in the terrarium. The second contained a Fern (Pteris), I love the mixed leaf types of these ferns and they can be found in most Garden Centres. The third contained two succulent type plants known as Echeveria in complementary shades of green.

Terrariums are incredibly easy to make, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your container, insuring that it’s large enough to fit your hand inside. We’ve used this Large Recycled Glass Pickle Vase which looks great and provides plenty of growing room too.
  2. Start with a layer of gravel for drainage.
  3. Top with a layer of compost (if opting for an orchid we recommend using some special orchid soil which consists of small bark pieces as orchid roots rot and die if they get too damp).
  4. Make a well where you plan to place each plant within the container.
  5. Take each plant out of the pot, gently remove the hard soil to loosen the roots and place in the well, adding more soil to cover the roots fully.
  6. Add any desired accessories such as small pebbles and moss; if you’re feeling whimsical or working with children try some small animal figurines too.
  7. Water thoroughly and place in an area with plenty of light, but avoiding windowsills as the glass will magnify the direct sunlight and cause your plants to wither and die in tropical temperatures. The great thing about a Terrarium though is that you don’t need to worry about the plant being in a drafty place, as the surrounding glass keeps them protected.
  8. General maintenance is simple, just spray with a little water each week using a Water Mister to keep them hydrated - you’ll easily be able to see if they need a bit more as they’ll start to wilt.

You could also use ivy, herbs, cacti and small bulbs like narcissi would look fab for Easter – basically anything low maintenance, small and mainly green leaved should work.

Why not experiment with your own using different plants and containers too, we’ve used our Large Recycled Glass Pickle Vase but we’ve also seen people using Storage Jars such as this decent sized 1 Litre Glass Jar or even fish bowls. We’d love to see what you come up with!


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