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Blooming Beautiful Gardens

27 February 2015

There’s nothing worse than being that house on the street; with a brave young plant or two sitting lonely amongst vast beds of soil, trying to hold their own against the fragrant perfume wafting over from the neighbours’ flowerbeds overflowing with blooms and colour.

Hold your head up high this year, and start preparations now to have a garden blooming with colour this Summer.

We recommend starting small. If you’re new to gardening you may find that your enthusiasm quickly dries up once the work mounts and you’ll end up being that house once again. Pick one area for focus this year, perhaps just one flower bed, then add a few pots and hanging baskets elsewhere to complete the picture. If all goes to plan, you can focus on another flower bed next year and so on.

Purchase your young plants for hanging baskets and pots now, giving them plenty of time to grow into their full glory in time to shine for Summer. Presentation counts, so stock up on some gorgeous planters to do your foliage justice, these Vence Planters are perfect for adorning entranceways, whereas this set of Malmesbury Planters adds some height and rustic charm to any garden.

When buying seeds and plants for your flower beds, read the labels carefully to opt for hardy, simple to grow plants and ensure you plant them at the correct time of year. It’s also a good idea to opt for a variety of flowers that bloom at different times to keep your garden constantly in bloom throughout Spring and into Summer – don’t be fooled into buying all the plants that look lovely now or you’ll be back to square one in a month or two! Store any unused seeds in our stylish Seed Box, keeping them safe ready to be re-used next year

Remember when placing plants that they will (hopefully) grow, so plant with plenty of space around each to avoid overcrowding. Don’t forget to water your new garden thoroughly with a Watering Can for a fine mist rather than the torrent from a hosepipe than can damage young plants.

Finally, make gardening less of a chore by keeping all of your tools and accessories close to hand and easy to find with a Storage Unit, stylish enough for any utility room if you’re lacking a shed.

Good luck - maybe this year your garden will be the envy of the street!


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