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Fireside set of Tools
Fireside set of 4 Tools
Woodburner set complete with gauntlet gloves, fire poker, ash shovel and brush.

Woodburner Set

Wrought iron fire blower is designed to gently blow on glowing embers to help get the fire going.

Fire Blower

Heavy wrought iron frame and mesh cover this fireguard has been deigned to be placed in front of an open fire to protect flying sparks or embers.

Fire screen

Leather gauntlet gloves are a must for any keen gardener, or ideal for adjusting the bonfire.

Gauntlet Gloves

With our sizeable Wooden Log Store you can continue to enjoy the warmth and homely atmosphere of your open fire, with a perfectly organised supply of logs, kept dry and protected.

Wooden Log Store

Iron Log Holder

Iron Log Holder

A modern leather kindling bucket with leather handle and presentation bag. Buy from Garden Trading.
Kindling Bucket- Clay
Kindling Bucket in Charcoal