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New Classic wrought iron fire dogs sold as a pair for your own tool stand.
New Fire dog tool set including our brand new coal tongs all in Cast Iron
New Large firescreen for larger open fireplaces, solid, simple and robust.
New Tinger Box in Charcoal, can be kept by the hearth with 3 replaceable lighting strips.
New Coal tongs in cast iron great to pair up with our new coal skuttle.
New Vintage inspired Coal skuttle in our smart charcoal finish. Fits neatly by any fireplace.
New A softed, wooden version of our ever popular kindling bucket.

Kindling Box

Fireside Set- Clay
Matches Box- Clay
With our sizeable Wooden Log Store you can continue to enjoy the warmth and homely atmosphere of your open fire, with a perfectly organised supply of logs, kept dry and protected.

Wooden Log Store

Firelighter Box- Clay