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All your fireside essentials, from fire screens to log baskets, kindling buckets and coal skuttles, ash buckets and shovels, pokers, grabbers and gloves. Create your cosy fire in style.
New Tinger Box in Charcoal, can be kept by the hearth with 3 replaceable lighting strips.

Tinder Box in Charcoal

Was £13.50 
New Coal tongs in cast iron great to pair up with our new coal skuttle.
New A softed, wooden version of our ever popular kindling bucket.

Kindling Box

Wrought iron fire blower is designed to gently blow on glowing embers to help get the fire going.

Fire Blower

Was £16.50 
Ash Shovel in Charcoal

Ash Shovel in Charcoal

Was £12.00 
Kindling Bucket in Charcoal
Ash Bucket in Charcoal
Coal Bucket in Charcoal
Matches Box- Clay
Matches Box in Charcoal
Firelighter Box- Clay
Firelighter Box in Charcoal