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Buckets & Bins

Beautiful and Practical Bins, from kitchen bins in various sizes and colours to compost bins, recycling bins and buckets for every purpose.
Kitchen Bin in Clay
This traditional powder coated steel kitchen bin has a 46 litre capacity and is great for holding and hiding rubbish in the kitchen, utility, or even bathroom.
The Classic Galvanised Kitchen Bin in Charcoal in a stunning painted version that is perfect for the kitchen, utility, or even bathroom
10.5 litre powder coated steel mini bin with a nickle handle is great for holding and hiding rubbish in any room.
This traditional Kitchen Bin & Mini Bin Set in chalk is crafted from powder coated steel with easy lift of lid and nickle handles.
Compost Bucket in Charcoal
Compost Bucket in Clay
Our Compost Bucket is carefully crafted from powder-coated steel, andtwo easy metal carry handles, which provides the ideal amount ofdurability making it perfectly suitable for all your composting needs.
An updated version in Charcoal to store all card and plastic until collection time.