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Everything you need to keep your utility room tidy with stylish accessories and furniture. From Shoeshine Sets to First Aid Boxes, Mops, Buckets, Dishcloths and more!
A stylish, durable metal shoeshine box complete with lift out tray and compartments.
Washing Up Tidy - Clay
Washing Up Tidy - Shutter Blue
Crafted from powder coated still and with a convenient hinged metal handle, complete with a stylishwooden grip, this utility bucket will fit comfortably into your hands, makingcarrying between rooms, or to and from the garden both effortless andtrouble-free.
Our 16L bucket is carefully crafted from powder-coated steel and two carry handles, whichprovides the ideal amount of durability making it perfectly suitable forall your storage needs, whether its in the home or garden.
Inspired by the vintage castrol oil top up jugs, this is a great easy way to top up the iron.
An updated version in Charcoal to store all card and plastic until collection time.
This generous style tin has space for all those medical essentials with a safe strong catch.
Washing Tablet Box - Chalk
Never lose a charger again, this handy box will store chargers for cameras, phones, iPods, iPads and a whole host of others.
Carefully crafted from powder-coated steel, this compact sewing box is perfect for the job in hand, with a lift out tray and compartment offering plenty of storage, and a quick and simple lift off lid.
Our Chalk Peg Bucket has been crafted with a convenient hinged metal handle, complete with a stylish wooden grip, will fit comfortably into your hands, plus enough storage for up to 50 wooden peg.